Something came yesterday that I've been verrry excited about...

A few months ago I got a new prescription for glasses, and I knew right away: Warby Parkers!  Warby Parker sells glasses and sunglasses online and for every pair sold, gives a pair to someone in need.  They are also super trendy, as Mr. S&S likes to continually remind me.  They are also far cheaper than normal glasses, as I like to remind him.

After two rounds of at-home try ons (they send you 5 pairs at a time to try on), and one visit to their brand new location in Nashville, I finally decided on the Clyde in chestnut stripe.  And I couldn't be happier!

(Please forgive the shameless selfies.  I was too excited to wait for Mr. S&S to photograph me!)

So, what do you think?  I was going for trendy, but also classic :)

And as a fair-skinned blonde, it can be tough to find the right color frames that don't overwhelm my face.  But I think these did it.  Also, does anyone else get irrationally excited when you order something online?  If the online people send me a tracking code, boy, I go crazy on that thing.  I love seeing what city the package is in and how far it has left to go.  Nerdy.  Whatevs.  But it makes me far more inclined to use my Amazon free prime shipping to buy insignificant items like highlighters and wait for them to come to me than trudge around the store looking for them.  Ah, overwhelming, innate laziness.  I will forever battle you.

If you need me, I'll be alternately looking at faraway objects that I can now see and looking at myself in my new Warbys.

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