Snow!!  Last night about 8pm, after 7 daaaaays of rain, it started snowing!  I would guess this kind of snow comes to this area about once a year, so today is a pretty big day.  And, because we're in the South and equipment such as snow plows is utterly redundant, 2 inches of snow stops everything.  Which means... it's a snow day!  

I grew up even further south than this, so I didn't have a single snow day growing up.  Plenty of hurricane days, but those are far more menacing.  Snow days as an adult are excellent!  

I actually had to go out and take these pictures about 8 because I knew it would all start to melt.  Yep, it's all sliding off the trees outside my windows now.

But on to very important plans: My Snow Day Agenda.

1. Snow day calls for something sweet, like hot chocolate and cookies.  So that's gunna happen.  I have a special cookie recipe in mind, which will hopefully make it here very soon.

2. Watch the drive thru youtube... again.  The first time I saw it, we were in public.  I laughed so loudly that Mr. S&S was quite embarrassed.

3. Snuggle this buddy:

Although he needs very little help in making himself comfortable.

4. See a movie!  The choices are Zero Dark Thirty or Les Mis- thoughts?  Have you seen either?  

5. Read a... textbook.  One semester left!  But those texts won't read themselves.  By the way, any good suggestions for fiction you've read lately?  I swing by the library about once a week and need some non-textbook relief in my life.

6. Let's be real.  I'm going to catch up on Scandal today.  It's just too addictive.  

7. Figure out about 15,744 more ways to use chipotles in adobo sauce.  Everything about them is perfect: spicy, smoky, salty, and mostly used in tex-mex dishes.  

Yeah, lists of 7 things are awkward, but that's just what's happening today.  Because it's a snow day!!

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