What kind of training do you have?

I have no formal cooking education, only the passion that has driven me to try new recipes {often fail} and keep going.  The women in my family are marvelous cooks, so we obsess together over new ingredients, and they have been my inspiration to keep cooking.

I do have training as a counselor, in the form of a masters in counseling.  That does not mean I have my life together or any fabulous advice, only that I am a person trained to listen and work with people who need a neutral third party.

You're a counselor- can you help me with _____ issue?

First- good for you for seeking out help!  Unfortunately, I do not think email or online counseling is the way to go.  So because I have a full plate of clients of my own, please check out this directory to find a counselor in your area.  These are Nationally Certified Counselors who can help you.

Also, the comments section of my blog is not an area in which you should delve into personal issues for which you need counseling.  Please know that if you use it as such, I will remove it.

Sparkle & Stir is my outlet for sharing food exploration and excitement along with some of my life journey.  Please do not substitute anything I write for real counseling.  My career as a counselor should also explain why I try to keep identities and many personal details private :)

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