Well, it's been a lovely two year break from the blog, but I'm back!

Things that happened in the last two years:

Nick earned his MBA and landed a killer consulting job {now we are finished with higher education.  or so he tells me.}
Nick shaking hands with the Dean of the Business School, because of his awesomeness.

I was a school counselor at a wonderful school that I already miss!

Is there anything better than happy, snuggly kindergarteners? 

We traveled to France, Maine, Vancouver, Mexico, the beach, the mountains, the lake and all our happy places

Nailed it.

I ate approximately 200 pounds worth of tortilla chips at my favorite two Nashville tex-mex restaurants: Saint Anejo and Taqueria del Sol

Y'all.  They make their own chips.  And serve them warm!  You can't bring self-control there!

Moose turned 2.  And then 3.
Snuggle love.

I discovered the fabulous world of barre {more to come on that subject}

Getting some thigh work in. You know, to counteract the chips.

We bought our first house and moved to Atlanta!

Homeowners!  But why with the center part?!

Ok, some other stuff happened too.  But the Atlanta adventure has begun complete with house decorating, restaurant trying, getting lost in Atlanta traffic, and making new friends.  

New life in Atlanta: let's do this.

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