One year ago today...

This tiny buster waddled into our lives (I also had bangs, but that's far less important).  For Christmas last year, Mr. S&S gave me a dog toy and the promise of a puppy.  After hours upon hours of dedicated researching and online searching, we settled on getting the manliest dog of all: a cockapoo.  Half cocker spaniel, half poodle, they met all of our qualifications: non-shedding, medium size (Moose is about 22 pounds, but big for a cockapoo), likes to run and play, but not crazy amounts of bonkers energy that would explode an apartment.  

We found a crazy woman in South Carolina who breeds and sells cockapoos within our budget, and drove down to meet him.  It was instant love, and therefore instant persuading of Mr. S&S why this puppy had to be ours.  {Insert disclaimer for people who hate people who buy dogs from breeders.  We looked at tons of shelters, but knew we couldn't have a shedder, so didn't go that route.  Please don't hate us.}  He grew slowly and took a few weeks to house-train, but he totally captured both of our hearts.  

Sometimes I miss those adorable puppy days, but then I just remember all the puppy teething and house-training and I'm so thankful we're past that.  

So happy anniversary, little Moose!  I'm so glad that you're immortal, so we'll have infinity years together to come!

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