I might have mentioned that I'm in my last semester of graduate school for counseling.  Graduation is near, thank goodness, but also near: Quit Day.

This last semester of mine includes an addictions class, in which we must Quit something.  Something meaningful, something tough, something that makes us realize {in some small way} how rough it is for our clients.  Oh, and did I mention, it's for THREE months.  This isn't just lent-giving-up-something-small, this is Quitting {with a capital Q} and having a sponsor {classmate} whom I will inevitably text pictures of baked goods to in the middle of the night.  Because yes, I have chosen to quit sugar.  The thought process was long, since I rather enjoy all of my vices: caffeine, carbs, alcohol, and online television {Netflix, I could never quit you}.  So sugar it is, in hopes that it will help me be healthier and make better food decisions {like not eating random donuts just because they're sitting on a table near me} {oh no, donuts, I miss you already}.  I'm allowing myself honey to sweeten things, and I'm not going crazy with small amounts of sugar in restaurant food {who really knows what's in there anyway} and packaged food.  I'm allowing packaged things if sugar is not in one of the first 2-3 ingredients.

Needless to say, my last few days before Quit day included chocolate fondue, very sweet tea, and eating most of my chocolate stash in the pantry.  I am the picture of self-control.  ha.  But along this process, I hope to let you know once or twice how it's going {just for research sake}, and I hope to give you a few examples of desserts that don't include sugar.  Don't worry, I already found these that I'll be trying out soon.  Medjool dates, you sound lovely and exotic, let's be friends.  So please don't quit ol' Sparkle & Stir in her earliest stages, because butter and cheese are definitely still allowed.


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  2. Um hello? Not sure why my previous comment was deleted. Was hoping to foster a dialogue.

  3. Hi Mike,

    I appreciate your comment, but I've taken it down because of the very personal nature. Please see my FAQ section about counseling referrals, and good luck with everything.

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