Tomorrow is Saturday, which means tomorrow you should have brunch.

 Or Sunday.  Whichever weekend day is your brunch jam.  Regardless of the day, your brunch should include quiche.  Specifically this caramelized onion, sausage, cherry tomato quiche (with goat cheese and parmesan, of course).  Why?  Because sometimes scrambled eggs are just tired.  And they don't include caramelized onions.  Ok, sweeping declaration: onions should always be caramelized.

When I was studying abroad in Italy, I would buy packs of sausage and the butcher would have always tucked in a few sprigs of fresh rosemary.  Thus, I decided that sausage shall {sweeping declaration #2} always be cooked with rosemary.  Because I will always defer in food knowledge to an Italian, especially an Italian butcher.  

And goat cheese is never a wrong choice.  {Apparently I am living in declarations today}.  So with all this goodness together- how could you go wrong?  Picture it: this quiche alongside a stack of pancakes or cinnamon rolls and a big steaming mug of coffee.  {Ok, fresh fruit too}. Saturday is just the best.

Sausage, Caramelized Onion, and Cherry Tomato Quiche
Serves 4

1 pie crust, I use pillsbury
1/4 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered or halved depending on size
3/4 pound of sausage, I always use spicy (I also cook the whole pound, because that's how it's usually packaged, then save the rest for scrambled eggs later)
1 whole onion, sliced
1 tablespoon rosemary
3 tablespoons goat cheese
2 tablespoons grated parmesan
3 eggs and milk to make 1 3/4 cups when measured with the eggs

Preheat the oven to 375 and roll the pie crust out into a pie pan.  Bring a cast iron skillet (or other pan) to medium heat with oil and begin to caramelized the onions.  Stir onions frequently to prevent burning.  When the onions are mostly cooked (about 10 minutes, when they are light brown and slightly wiggly), add in the sausage and rosemary and brown.  When everything is cooked, pour onions and sausage into the pie crust.  Then evenly distribute the tomatoes and goat cheese ove the top.  Crack the eggs into a 2 cup measuring cup and mix into a scramble.  Add milk to the measuring cup until the mixture measures 1 3/4 cup.  Stir again.  Pour egg/milk mixture over the ingredients in the pie pan.  Sprinkle parmesan on top.  Bake for 45 minutes or until the eggs are set and crust is brown.

Mmmm, brunchbruchbrunch.  Is it Saturday yet?

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  1. Yuppp its looking yummy and spicy too.. Would you please post the recipie of Mushroom Quiche here? I would really thankful :)


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