It's official that I've been a very bad blogger.  Awful sickness + a few days with the mama and sister in Charleston meant that I had a mental and computer break!  But I'm back now!  And with lots of lovely Charleston recommendations.  Because let's face it, you go to Charleston to eat.  And eat we did.  {Special thank you shout outs to Caitlin and Missy for their amazing Charleston recommendations}

Lunch Spots

This place fulfilled my Parisian fantasies {momentarily}.  It's communal seating at tall bars with fabulous daily specials and it feels oh so very french.  For instance, I got the soup special {it rained a lot while we were there} with pate and blue cheese on bread with red wine {the best meal deals include wine.  at lunch.}  Also quite inexpensive!

Hominy Grill
Fried Green Tomato and Bacon Sandwich.  Do I even need to say more than that?  Ok, pimento cheese sandwich, best squash casserole ever, and fried cheese grits!  What?!  We went early {maybe 11:30} and after that it was packed!  But it's wonderful Southern food {and drinks out of Mason jars, which is very enchanting, obvi}

Sugar Bakeshop
Hold your buttercream frosting.  This place is decadent.  It's a tiny bakery that makes out of this world {and fairly appropriately sized} cupcakes as well as cookies and mini-tarts.  We might have had to get cupcakes in almost all the flavors.  Caramel with yellow cake was my fav.

Dinner disclaimer: we were very lax about our reservationing and thus couldn't get into the following places that we've heard on good authority are amazing: Husk, Magnolias, Peninsula Grill, and Hanks.  I'll be back for you, fancy dining.

Y'ALL.  This place is INCREDIBLE.  It's on John's Island {so outside of Charleston}, and is in a creaky old house.  It has fabulous cocktails in mason jars {about to start making those in my kitchen because of my immense enchantment} and is fantastic Southern, seafood, and just YUM.  Whatever you do, get the mussels!  I came thisclose to sticking my face in the bowl of sauce and drinking.  We sopped up so much sauce with bread that we {almost} weren't hungry for our entrees!  Mom even asked to take the leftover sauce home and the waiter talked us out of it.  Regretful.  Everything was delicious.

Ok, we all know I'm obsessed with tacos.  Deep and abiding love for them.  Taco Boy is on Folly Beach, which is where we stayed, and we would walk right to it.  The tacos were good, but the chips?  ohgosh, fantastic!  I don't know how they got chips so right: light and airy, perfect size and shape, and warm.  They go very nicely with the guac, queso, salsa trio.  

These are just a few of the multitudes of wonderful places to eat in and around Charleston, but were a couple of my favs on this trip.  What about you?  Have you been to Charleston and eaten something amazing?  Where should I go on my next culinary expedition?

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