Just some things happening in my head lately...

1. We had an amazing weekend trip to Nashville that completely threw off my sleep cycle.  I've been sleepy for daaays.  And pretty much fighting my innate napping-urge in order to get corrected.

2.  Maybe you should know that I require a lot of sleep.  Not just the 8 hours that most people like, more like 9 {ok, 10}.  Seriously, I think if my body got to decide, I would sleep 10 hours a night.  Which only leaves 14 in which to accomplish... anything.  Yikes.

3.  I've made two meals now that I really wanted to share on the blog and totally forgot to photograph.  One of those, "mmm, this was yummy! {scraping plate clean} oh NO!"  So maybe I'll post without pics.  Or pictures of Moose or something.

4. We are moving in six weeks and have no place to live when we get there!  This is a source of low-grade {or high} stress for me pretty much all the time.  I find myself repeatedly looking at all the listings on my myriad of websites, seeing them all, and then just looking at the same ones over again.  As if they'll morph into the perfect place, and I'll just run over to Nashville and rent it.  Whew.

5. On a happier note, I am a mere two and a half weeks away from being completely and totally finished with grad school!  I can't believe it's gone by so quickly, but I'm quite ready to be free of homework, exams, and reading textbooks.  Only one board exam, one presentation, one class exam, and one capstone portfolio between me and freedom!

6.  In my last stretch before freedom, I've been fantasizing about summertime and sun.  Basically this...

{That's the one and only time I got air.  Impressed?}

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