Over the last few weeks, Nick and I made a big decision...  We're moving back to Nashville!

Since we both went to college there and got married there, it's a little like moving home for us.  {Not to mention the amazing amount of specialty taco restaurants there, whoa}  We spent the weekend looking for places to live {unsuccessful so far}, catching up with a million friends {wildly successful and FUN} and interviewing {ohmygoodness, so exciting and successful}.

As implied, we both now have exciting opportunities that we're pursuing.  Me with a fantastic new job, and Nick in business school!

And yes, the blog will go on.  Just probably with me talking a lot more about tacos.

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  1. Yaaayyyyyy....perhaps we will join you in NashVegas someday!

    Congratulations on your job, school for Nick, and almost graduation for you. I'm so impressed with you two!


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