Ohmygoodness, it's -1 degrees outside {degree? degrees? I'm plagued by grammatical correctness, ha}.  Woo boy that's chilly.  That kind of cold takes your breath away!  And that kind of cold is obviously not in North Carolina.  Nope, we're enjoying our last morning out in Wyoming, about to roll our {very very} overfed selves onto an airplane.

Here are some of the awesome things about Wyoming:

Snowshoeing {very aggressively} up a hill led to being on top of the hill!

This part was much easier...

More Wyoming things:

1. My brother-in-law lives here!  And he's pretty awesome.  We got to know each other in college, and I pretty much lucked out to also get to be related to him.  {Although it was iffy, once in college I almost convinced him to eat a spoon made out of potato}  He also has a pretty fantastic girlfriend.

2.  The view.  Ohgoodgracious, the mountains are spectacular!  And you pretty much have to look at them through sunglasses because snow + sunshine = almost blindness.  I guess everyone knows that but I've almost lost my vision 37 times by trying to look up at them with my unshielded eyes.

3. My hair.  Yep, truth.  It is SO dry here!  And thus my bayou-raised, humidity soaked, frizz-loving hair was so very tame and smooth!  Girls, you understand, right?

4. Ranger Rick!  My mother-in-law and I went for an educational snowshoe hike with a park ranger who explained in great detail how to track... squirrels.  We were more looking for Moose, but hey, we'll take what we can get.  Plus he really wanted us to wear the 5 foot long "historic" snowshoes, and we politely declined that so that we could actually walk.

5. The 93 times I felt so full I thought I would explode.  Good vacations are not complete without {massive quantities of} good food!  Giant burgers topped with a fried egg, pad thai, buffalo short ribs, vietnamese pho, fish tacos... {I might be making all salads for a week}.  I think that kind of eating is supposed to be in response to an entire day of skiing, but with my concussed head not allowed to ski, my eating was after a full day of mostly laying about... excellent.

And as amazing as it was to see real moose, it made me miss my Moose just a little...

So we'll see him very soon!  And my body will rebel against the time zone difference yet again.  You'd think after flying back and forth to Kenya a million times I'd be better at this...

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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