I hope you all are having a lovely week so far.  Personally, I've just returned home from a crazy long staff meeting, which was informative, but draining.  And at times like these, I just need a little internet pick me up {along with a lot of Moose snuggles.  Don't worry, that's happening} So I thought I'd share what's making me smile.

Welcome Home
This video is possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened in an airport.  Also, it fulfills my fantasy of life becoming a musical.  {Would you ever do a flash mob?  I love the idea, but it also terrifies me!}

Kid President
He is absurdly cute.  For realsies.  I want to lure him to my house with cupcakes and make him giggle until we both pass out.  {wow, that got super creepy} I'm probably late to the party on this one, but he makes me laugh out loud.  Especially this one about Diabetes vs Diabeetus.  {I'm assuming you've already seen his pep talk}

This book...

In which there is this...

Real dogs.  Too funny.

Online {fake} shopping.  Sometimes all it takes it pretend-picking out lots of items.  I'm {fake} buying these and this {for my other life in which I go out a lot} and on the hunt for the perfect pair of ankle boots.   

Watching the Bachelor-bowl.  I've decided that ABC is playing an internal game to see if they can get more ratings than the Super Bowl by convincing us {crazies} to watch the Bachelor TWO nights in a row for TWO hours each.  I wish I could stop, but I can't.  I need resolution in the form of Tierra {what is that name?} being brought to justice {which in line with this season would mean her faking an accident that no one pays attention to, or drinking goats milk, either one}.  

What do you do to distract/ amuse/ make yourself smile or feel better?  {Is it the Bachelor?} I'd love to know :)

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