So we all know what men want for Valentine's Day:

Pink bubbly drinks!  That's what you were thinking right?  Not: to be completely left alone and not have to live up to the hype of a holiday perpetuated by over-excited women?  I shall be going with answer A on this one.

However, I really like Valentine's Day!  Any day in which you can openly eat whole boxes of chocolate, wear obnoxious amounts of pink, and ponder on the love in your life is fine by me.  Even in my single days, it was an excuse to dress up with girlfriends and treat ourselves to something!  My best friend in college and I exchanged the worst, cheesiest, most cringe-worthy Valentine's cards we could find over intimate sushi every year of college.  And it was fantastic.

In case you're looking for a last minute girl's night drink {or couple's, if your man will drink pink}, give this one a shot.  It uses the lovely blood orange {which is not only in season, but on sale a lot of places!} and agave syrup!  And of course lime.  Because I'm pretty sure I don't make drinks without lime.  There are two versions, as well: the non-alcoholic, bubbly kind and the grown-up version.  Take your pic, they're both fabulous.

And happy Valentine's day!  I'm very much looking forward to a night in with my Valentine {and some crazy good take out Thai food}.

Sparkling Blood Orange Drink
Makes one drink, but is easily multiplied

Juice of two blood oranges, about 1/4 cup/ 2 oz
1/8 cup/ 2 tablespoons/ 1 oz lime juice
3 tablespoons/ 1.5 oz agave nectar
1 cup sparkling water

Mix together the juices and agave and stir until the agave is completely combined with the juices.  Then pour the sparkling water into a glass and the juices into the water.  Voila!

Blood Orange Cocktail
Makes one drink

2 oz blood orange juice
1 oz lime juice
1.5 oz agave nectar (or more depending on your sweet tooth)
1 oz triple sec
1.5 oz vodka
Sparkling water, optional

Pour the blood orange juice, lime juice, agave, triple sec, and vodka into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake about 30 seconds.  Then pour into a glass over ice.  Add sparkling water for some fizz, if you like!

Here's hoping your Valentine's is pink and bubbly!

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