Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs?
In graduate school I took just about every {legitimate} personality test there is.  Partly to increase my own self-awareness, and partly to have experience with assessments I might use with clients.  One of those assessments was the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which categorizes personalities into 16 types.

So you are either: an introvert or extrovert, more into sensing or intuition, more about thinking or feeling, and judging versus perceiving.  I find the first and last codes most helpful.  Do you get energy from being with people {extravert-ME! Hey friends!} or being by yourself {introvert}?  And are you super organized, structured, and efficient {judging-oh boy, not me} or spontaneous and unstructured {perceiving}?

This website takes the MBTI codes and puts them with animals, which I find somewhat funny.  I'm an ENTP, so I'm a parrot!  And the description is dead on.  {How can five sentences define me?!} Nick is an ENTJ, so he's a lion.  Again, dead on.

Which animal/code are you?  Does it fit?  What about your friends/family members/ significant others?  I think it can be so helpful in understanding things like why Nick puts all the details of our whole lives into spreadsheets...

{I like that my animal is so colorful and can FLY.  Dreamscometrue}

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